What Next? At Antiuniversity 2017

what next poster
As the Tories team up with the anti-abortionist, anti-LGBT, authoritarian DUP, let us organise and persevere. How do we continue resisting the Right? And how do we capture the energy of Corbyn’s rise and turn it into something even better; something beyond elections and social welfare?

Join us for:
:::CATHARSIS::: We exorcise the neofascist Right through art, drawing and storytelling. Join us to deface posters of Theresa May, Rupert Murdoch and Arlene Foster (oh you’ll know who she is soon enough) – materials provided. There will also be a drawing corner where you can share your visual interpretations of the lowest of British politics.
:::HEALING::: We will help you eco-map your life to reflect on your strengths, resources and political journey. At the end of the session you will know where you want to focus your efforts and what is important to you for the future.
:::ORGANISING::: Speak to representatives of exciting groups in London who are organising resistance and alternative-building to withdraw our collective support from exploitation and oppression. Speak to protesters and community organisers and find out how you can join, and how different groups can co-ordinate their efforts. We’ll be joined by Disabled People Against Cuts, Momentum, Radical Assembly, IOPS, Positive Money, and more.

Starts 3pm sharp
Free entry
Feel free to bring drinks and snacks

The room is K0.16, on the ground floor of the King’s Building. Enter through the main entrance on The Strand. From Reception, go straight ahead down the corridor to the very end, turn left just
before the staircase.

The room is on the ground floor, no stairs. More specific info:

This event is run by friendly queers and lefties who are welcoming of people who are new to radical politics. We know everyone makes mistakes sometimes and says things that might unintentionally be offensive to others. We have also spent a lot of time learning and thinking about power and oppression and we will not tolerate any malicious, persistent or unchallenged racism, sexism, transphobia, classism, or any other oppressive behaviour. If you are called out, treat it as if someone says you have spinach in your teeth – they are doing you a favour and helping you to improve.

This event is part of the Antiuniversity Now festival 10-16 June 2017
See the full programme on
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Upcoming meetings:

We meet in the lobby of UCL Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way,  WC1H 0AL (pictured below. Go up the stairs via the Bedford Way entrance). In the general meetings we feed back from the working groups, discuss members’ experiences of political organising and what we can learn from it, and criticaly discuss a reading

Current projects we are working on include:
– Promoting participatory budgeting projects in London councils
– Organising a series of workshops challenging privilege and informal hierarchies
– Encouraging and helping people to join unions
– Encouraging people to organise assemblies at protests (see our video guide on that).

 UCL Institute of Education lobby



Anti-University Prefigurativism workshop 11th June 2016

prefigurativism_flyer_webCan we build a new society? Prefigurativism is to organise society and social relations in a way which embodies a future society that we would like to see.

IOPS London presents ideas around building a new society that cares for all its members and the environment outside of capitalism.

There will be short presentations on prefigurativism, participatory economics, social ecology and the South African housing movement Abahlali baseMjondolo, followed by a wider discussion where participants will be encouraged to share their views and experiences.

This event is free, but please book a space since the venue is not huge:

Directions and accessibility info:




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